2018 Sales Roadmap

Make 2018 The Best Sales Year You've Ever Had!

We all want next year to be the best we’ve ever had, right? Unfortunately, a lot of people become content with setting soft goals. You know, just wanting to be “better.”  

But “better” doesn’t allow you to build the roadmap to ensure you grow your sales number or be certain you’ll succeed.  

In this workbook, you will:

  • Breakdown exactly what you'll need to do on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis
  • Set SMART goals that you can actually achieve
  • Write yourself a letter committing to your 2018 achievements
  • Let me help you with accountability

"Jim is hands down one of the best sales leaders and communicators I've ever come accross. He brings years of top notch sales experience and provides ample opportunity to learn tricks of the trade."

Eric Kotchi Senior Account Executive, Xink 

"With Jim's combination of proven techniques and sales experiences, I was able to tailor this to my personality, my market, and my product. In all the ways possible, Jim helped me become a better sales professional."  

Jonathon Fruchte Partner, Expected Behavior